171: CES 2017 – Polk BOOM Introduces First Truly Wearable Bluetooth Speaker

Jan 03, 2017

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Today’s consumers want to take their music everywhere and seamlessly integrate sound into all of their life adventures, and that’s exactly why Polk BOOM was founded. Keeping with this mission, the lifestyle audio brand today advanced its rugged speaker series with the BOOM BIT, the first truly wearable Bluetooth™ speaker, ideal for on-the-go listening and Ready for Anything™.

http://globalarchaeology.ca/2016/11/totem-poles/ The incredibly small and lightweight speaker clips securely to clothing or a backpack and integrates with how you move, safely balancing the right amount of sound with your immediate surroundings. With BIT, listeners can safely stay in tune with their environment while still enjoying the music they love.

follow sitePolk BOOM recognizes that enjoying your music while participating in your favorite outdoor activity, like biking or skateboarding is important, but also realized that being aware of ambient noise and your immediate surroundings is even more critical,” said Polk BOOM’s founder, Ryan Minarik.

Polk BOOM’s BIT retails for $29.99 and is available now at Polk BOOM’s website. BIT colorways include Black, Sport Blue, Volt Yellow, Lava Red, and a two-toned Grey/Mint offering.

The convenience of portable speakers has listeners blasting music further and louder than ever before. However, consumers still need to be safe while enjoying their favorite tunes. This is exactly why we designed BIT, to keep our adventurers safely engaged through all their senses, by balancing music with surrounding noises.

I caught up with Ryan Minarik ahead of CES to find out more.

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