Industrial executives and operators are faced with the challenge of doing more with less, while simultaneously reducing excessive resource consumption. Industries such as the food processing, beverage and chemical verticals experience tremendous pressure to make operational processes more efficient, and decrease operational costs and consumed energy.

While many organizations already possess the data they need to execute on these goals, many don’t know it – or they don’t know how to obtain and make use of it.

Enter artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. With this transformative technology, organizations can unlock valuable operational data previously trapped in legacy systems to increase outputs using less energy and budget.With AI and machine learning, this asset data can be automatically connected to key business metrics, helping operators measure key performance indicators, predict trends, increase efficiencies and maintain profit margins.

Plutoshift is an Asset performance management platform for process industries like food, beverage, water, chemicals, and more. I wanted to learn more about how they are also working with big process manufacturing companies and the role technology is playing so asked them on our daily tech podcast.

Tech Blog Writer Podcast
Prateek Joshi, Plutoshift, CEO of talk talks about topics such as how AI works for IIoT; why the food processing, beverage, and chemical industries are eager to harness the power of AI; and how companies can implement AI-driven programs that are as cost-effective as they are efficient. We also discuss how their secure, cloud-based platform is the first and only intelligence platform to have been vetted by the global forums of leading industrial technology evaluation committees.
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Tech Blog Writer Podcast

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