Petuum is a software infrastructure and ecosystem provider that enables AI for enterprise. Petuum’s operating system gives users a single platform to build any Machine Learning or Deep Learning application using large amounts of data, and deploy it at scale on any hardware – such as workstations, data centers, the internet of things, and edge computing. The Petuum development platform and gallery of AI building blocks work with any programming language and any type of data, allowing managers and analysts to quickly build AI applications without any coding, while engineers and coders can further re-program applications as needed.

With Petuum, many AI applications and hardware can be created and managed from a single laptop or terminal, driving higher productivity, better service, lower costs, and faster delivery. By standardizing AI solutions, Petuum lowers the barrier to AI adoption and allows for the integration of AI into every industry. The AI software platform enables enterprises to design, build, experiment, customize, operate and own vertical AI solutions in a wide range of industries and areas, such as healthcare, industrial manufacturing and utilities, financial services, telecommunications and more.

Today’s AI solutions tend to be specialized in specific applications and functions and rely on maintenance by a select few developers, but I wanted to find out more about how the Petuum solution will enable enterprises of all sizes and in all industries to become owners, builders and informed users of AI.

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Petuum was founded by scientists and professors from Carnegie Mellon University, including Dr. Eric Xing, who is ranked the top CS/AI researcher in the world. The company’s mission is to enable organizations to own, build and become informed users of their AI solutions, without relying on expensive talents. Qirong Ho, Co-Founder, and CTO at Petuum joins me on my daily tech podcast to talk about how they are enabling businesses across multiple industries to become owners, builders and informed users of AI.

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Tech Blog Writer Podcast

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