283: Payoneer Expands To The Tech and Innovation Hub Known As London

Jun 28, 2017


Nearly 200 episodes ago I spoke with the CEO of Payoneer about empowering global commerce by connecting businesses, professionals, countries, and currencies with its innovative cross-border payments platform. The platform empowers global commerce by connecting businesses, professionals, countries and currencies with its innovative cross-border payments platform.

kosten seroquel 300 mg We often here about the world of finance is struggling to keep up in this digital world. While banks cautiously investigate the opportunities around so-called FinTech an entire industry is looking ripe for disruption. Payoneer is making big waves in the tech world for being a disruptive international b2b online payments company with revenue far north of $100 million.

There has been a clear increase in demand for U.K. merchants looking to expand beyond the EU, as well as digital marketplaces and platforms, opening their doors to foreign sellers, publishers and talent and, as a result, is also opening the office despite any fears around Brexit.

After discovering how Payoneer had unveiled a new office in London and Cross-border payments are on track to reach an all-time high, with new leaders in global trade arising each year, I invited Daniel Mayhew from the Payoneer’s UK operation and CEO Scott Galit from NYC onto the show to learn more about Payoneer’s future plans.

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Scott Galit CEO at Payoneer

Scott Galit

At Payoneer, Galit sees every day how technology and the internet are creating exciting new business opportunities all over the world. Millions of entrepreneurs, professionals, small businesses and digital platforms are actively building global businesses in this new world of opportunity. Every day, he also witnesses the challenges these businesses face in getting paid and making payments across borders.

Galit is passionate about how the world is shrinking around us and becoming a place where resourcefulness, talent and hard work matter more than where a business or entrepreneur is located. By connecting entrepreneurs large and small with the rest of the world, Payoneer enables businesses to overcome the barriers they previously faced with cross-border payments.

Daniel Mayhew UK Country Manager at Payoneer

Mayhew recently advised that “London is a huge tech and innovation hub, yet UK businesses have historically focused on a domestic-first approach,” However, “Our mission is to help these businesses take advantage of the incredibly lucrative markets that exist internationally. We felt it was crucial to open up a physical office in the UK at this junction to offer more support to the local business community.”

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