352: EdTech – On Parsegon, Writing Online Math Is Easy

Oct 11, 2017

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how to order prednisone online Parsegon is a supplemental courseware builder that allows students to respond to and show work for digital math assignments. The platform includes an “equation builder” to create printable and digital assignments, an English-to-math digital transcription tool, a question library with 25,000+ options, and a virtual teaching assistant. Instructors can use Parsegon to create their own questions, and students using Parsegon can show their work on those assignments.

It’s not just online math. Parsegon helps students learn the concepts of math through language, not just the visuals.

Additionally, Paperspade is an online tool that helps math students write equations by typing plain English. Simply describe a problem in English and Paperspade renders it in printable form with the option to add graph templates. The ability automatically write math equations using plain English is incredibly useful to students.

However, what is most interesting about this EdTech startup story is that the team is comprised entirely of college students and is backed by Columbia University. I invited founder, Mathew Pregasen onto the show to learn more about how students created their own solution to revolutionize the digital education landscape.

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