302: The Owler 2017 CEO Likeability Study Reveals The Most Liked CEOs

Jul 26, 2017


http://yes-girl.com/eat-what-makes-you-happy/breyers-4/?relatedposts=1 Owler’s 2017 CEO Likeability study recently captured my imagination. Hyatt CEO Mark Hoplamazian won’t be pleased to hear people like Marriott CEO Arne Sorenson more than him. And Silicon Valley won’t be happy to see none of its public darlings like Facebook or Google cracked the top ten. But the data doesn’t lie.

The top 3 most likeable CEOs include Costco’s Craig Jelinek, Marriott’s Arne Sorenson, and Capital One’s Richard Fairbank. Unsurprisingly, United Airlines’ CEO, Oscar Munoz, came in at the bottom of the list to give him the title of “most disliked” CEO.

You might think good and bad CEOs are evenly distributed across all industries. But the study says otherwise. When looking at the average CEO ratings by industry, the top bosses in the Marketing & Creative, Travel & Hospitality, and Automotive industries tend to get more love than any other industry. Last on the list — and this won’t surprise most folks — the lowest ranking CEOs work in the Airline industry.

I thought there was a larger story here about transparency in the c-suite. CEOs are no longer in the shadows. The world is watching, whether through the news, social media, or other means. The public is weighing-in on a CEOs every move as if they were a restaurant on Yelp.

Jim Fowler, founder, and CEO of Owler understands this better than most. He has been at the top for more than a decade, first building Jigsaw before selling to Salesforce for $175M. Later, founding Owler, a pioneer in crowd sourced information that’s building the world’s largest database of company and executive information with more than a million users to date.

I invited Jim onto the show to talk about why CEO likeability has become such a crucial issue in this new era of transparency and accountability.

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