571: How AI Can Be Used to Achieve Big and Small Wins in Business

Jul 05, 2018

Ople is a B2B software that uses AI to maximize the value of data. The company is aiming to solve both simple and complex challenges using technology. Their mission is to ultimately make AI easy, affordable, and ubiquitous for businesses.

Pedro Alves is the Founder/CEO of OPLE and has surrounded himself with an incredible team. But he is now on a mission to help change the way data science is done today. He is passionate about data science and love being involved with projects, people and the community through lectures, panels, mentorship, advisory boards among others.

I chat with Ople CEO, Pedro Alves about the advantages of using AI in business. We also talk about how AI can serve businesses by:

  • Identifying and engaging prospects to simplify the customer journey to sale
  • Optimizing supply chain operations and logistics by identifying new efficiencies and opportunities to reduce costs
  • Pro-actively engaging customers likely to churn by detecting the behavioral patterns that correlate to customer turnover
  • Reducing and preventing fraud through early recognition of the human and technical patterns which precede fraudulent activity

He also has vast experience in predicting, analyzing and visualizing data in the fields of social media content, photos, genomics, gene networks, cancer metastasis, insurance fraud/costs, hospital readmissions, soccer strategies, joint injuries, social graphs, human attraction, spam detection and topic modeling, among others.

Ople - Tech Blog Writer Podcast

However, there is so much more to Pedro than the CEO and founder of Ople. Inc. Magazine called him a “data science savant” and Wired Magazine called him a “top 10 scientific figures of the year” So I invited him onto the show today to find out more.

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