633: How Openpath Enables Staff to Access Their Office With Their Phone

Sep 11, 2018

Openpath is a company that is focused on bringing the IoT solutions consumers enjoy at home to the workplace. Alex Kazerani (CEO) and James Segil (President) co-founded the company together after successfully launching and scaling four other ventures.

Alex Kazerani is an active tech entrepreneur, investor, husband and father. Alex is the Founder & CEO of OpenPath Security Inc. A technology startup focused on office automation and security. Prior to OpenPath he was the CEO & Co-Founder of EdgeCast Networks. EdgeCast became one of the leading global content delivery networks, carrying 7% of the Internet traffic, operating in 20 countries, while accelerating and delivering the largest and most demanding websites such as Twitter, Tumblr, Dell, Sony, and Hulu. EdgeCast was acquired by Verizon, where Alex spent 2 years helping shape the strategy of Verizon Digital Media Services.

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Prior to co-founding EdgeCast, he was a Co-Founder & CEO of KnowledgeBase, a SaaS based enterprise knowledge management company which was acquired by Talisma Corporation in 2005. Before starting KnowledgeBase, Alex founded HostPro, which was acquired by Micron Electronics (MUEI) in 1999.

James Segil is a serial entrepreneur & technology executive with demonstrated success at creating, growing and turning around leading technology businesses. Adept at managing priorities, building businesses and pulling together a team around a common vision.

Currently, James is President and Co-Founder of Openpath Security. Before then, James was the Chief Marketing Officer for Verizon Digital Media Services and responsible for all marketing and alliances for this division of Verizon. James came to Verizon by way of the company he co-founded, EdgeCast Networks, which was acquired by Verizon in December of 2013 for a reported $400 million in value.

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On today’s tech podcast, James and Alex speak about the future of the workplace and reveal why technology is an integral part of increasing productivity and overall employee experience.

Other Talking Points from the show:

  • How Openpath employees can ditch their key cards and instead access their workspace with just their smartphone – all without removing their phone from their pocket.
  • How employees can also text or Slack visitors a Guest Pass (a simple SMS link) to grant them temporary access to the office.
  • Beyond just the convenience of smartphone access, Openpath also grants office managers access to better metrics on how the office space is used.
  • How the system seamlessly integrates with platforms like G Suite, Slack, and Office 365, Openpath enables businesses to better manage the office.

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