337: Notion – The Wireless IoT Smart Home Monitoring System & Awareness Sensor

Sep 20, 2017

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buy provigil in usa Notion is a hockey-puck sized sensor that users stick above doors, below sinks, next to lights (and many more applications) to monitor their home when they’re away. The sensor connects to an iOS and Android app and will ping users when doors are left open, lights left on, water leaks, smoke alarms are going off, etc. Perfect for guys like me who leave the lights on before I’m about to go on vacation.

Each sensor is identical and multi-functional, which means homeowners can place them in different spots around their home depending on what they want to monitor. From doors opening and closing, to observing temperature, to detecting water leaks or a sounding alarm, Notion enables homeowners to customize notifications sent to their Android or iOS smartphone for peace of mind across their whole home.

seroflo 250 inhaler online At Notion, it’s our mission to build products and services that give homeowners peace of mind and ultimately empower them to live better, more present lives. That’s what complete home awareness means to us. – Brett Jurgens, Co-Founder and CEO of Notion.

The startup has also partnered with three of the top five home insurance providers to offer a cost-effective loss mitigation system and home telematics solution. Behind Notion’s home awareness sensors is an incredible startup story that includes graduating from TechStars, Kickstarter campaigns and raising $10M in funding. The startup is using this money to partner with insurance companies to lower costs for policyholders.

I chat to Brett Jurgens Co-Founder & CEO at Notion to learn more about his inspirational startup story and their all-in-one IoT smart home sensor that recently secured $10 million in Series A funding.

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