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At this years No Longer Virtual (NLV) event, Sarah Elkins revealed that her secret power was getting people to do things they wouldn’t usually do. Having worked with Sarah to launch her own podcast, she asked me to fly over 5,000 miles to Denver to host a workshop on podcasts and multi-media marketing. I didn’t think twice and instantly said yes.

NLV enables a group of people from all over the world to connect beyond the keyboard. As someone who is passionate about sharing and learning from the stories of others on my podcast, it was easy to see why I was so attracted to the event. Sarah took a significant risk and faced the pressure of planning an event with international attendees in her stride. But, filling a room of people that intimately shared their stories of success and failures to learn from each other is genuinely priceless.

Although I flew to NLV as a facilitator wanting to teach everyone in the room how easy it is to launch their own podcast, embrace video content and to publish their first book, I learned so much from every single attendee. This year’s NLV might be over, but bonds created in those two days and supporting of each other will continue for the weeks, months and years ahead.

Kathleen Byars and Jake Estares made me look deep within myself to discover my “why” while Aaron Skogen emotionally shared how to deal with harrowing situations and doing the right thing. Amy Blaschka and Zach Messler had been heroes of mine for some time and their workshop on how to tell a compelling story that is relevant and engaging to audiences was invaluable.

As a solopreneur that tries to do too much, Benjamin K Walker and Eric Elkins session were particularly helpful by enabling me to learn more about the best tools to leverage when running your own business. But, it was Oksana Esberard that taught me the importance of putting the tech down and investing in removing stresses from your life through meditation.

However, NLV was not just about the presenters. I can honestly say that this is the only event that I have ever attended where I walked away having learned so much from every single attendee. I helped people by sharing my story and vision, but more importantly, listened and learned from others.

I finally got to grab a beer with my good friends John White, Andy Books and Heather Younger. But, I also found myself making new friendships with some incredibly talented people that are pooling their resources to help each other reach their goals.

As someone that covers many tech events and attends conferences all over the world, it was being surrounded by these eclectic, smart, talented, open and fun people that left me feeling both inspired and empowered. See you at next years No Longer Virtual where I will be the guy with the big beaming smile excited to be once again, sharing and learning from stories.


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