187: How Plethora Is Enabling The Future Of Manufacturing

Feb 06, 2017

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where buy modafinil The digital transformation has disrupted almost every industry but the digital revolution is now transforming the world of material things too. Plethora is an SF-based startup redefining the traditional manufacturing process by giving engineers a new way to bring better products to market, faster.

Plethora strives to streamline product development. A factory at your fingertips: automatic analysis, instant pricing, and $250 in free machining. Essentially they are giving the power of invention to everyone on. The team start with the design software. The CAD Add-in analyzes your model for manufacturability and price. This avoids the usual back-and-forth of quoting and feedback – letting you focus on making parts, not managing your suppliers.

After you place an order, your design files enter the Plethora Production System where our automated software converts them into the instructions our factory uses to produce and inspect your part. They believe our “full-stack” approach is the only way to truly transform the production process into an on-demand system of creation. Seamless machining for prototyping and short-run production. Iterate faster with instant pricing and manufacturability feedback.

Nick Pinkston

Nick Pinkston is the Founder at Plethora. After learning how he is passionate about creating value for society by solving real problems and his goal is to democratize the means of production to allow physical products to be created as easily as an iPhone app. I invited him onto the show to find out more.

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