50: Celebrating Our 50th Episode With a New Media Europe Award Nomination

May 31, 2016


go to link buy modafinil in ireland We’ve made it to episode 50 of the Tech Blog Writer podcast!

I wanted to take a break from interviews to do a solo show to thank you guys for listening. When I first started this journey I had a simple aim, and that was to put a human voice onto my written articles. If I write about someone or a company I wanted to embed a podcast at the bottom so that their voice can actually be heard. I wanted people to comment with virtual voicemails and ask questions so that their voice could be heard too. So an article or blog post that comes alive with real voices from people sharing their stories, voices and opinions from all over the world. That was the cheesy dream that was inside my head. But like everyone I hated the sound of my own voice (I still do) and the idea of a podcast scared the life out of me. But I threw caution to the wind and here we are.

decadron elixir prescription I always remember a friend of mine advising that the first fifty of anything you do will be rubbish. This is the time you are honing your craft. It’s the first fifty articles, podcasts or anything. You are essentially learning so it won’t be as good as anything after fifty. So I guess this means it’s time to up my game.

Now certainly for the first ten episodes, I was trying to find my format and niche and began interviewing some of the people I admired most online and share their inspirational stories. The podcast had around 500 listeners a month but I struggled to attract other guests so I went for solo shows and carried on trying to build that momentum. I think it was around episode thirty-something started to click. Interview requests started flying in and instead of hundreds of listeners I was now getting thousands of listeners. What I’m trying to say is you have to stick with something to get to that good place.

I’ve seen a few people write ten articles, ten videos on YouTube, or ten podcasts and think “this is a waste of time, I’m giving up.” If you’re listening to this, whatever it is you want to do, my advice is please aim to hit that magic fifty because this is when the magic stuff starts happening. This is where you stand out from the crowd and your unique voice begins to be heard. I see so many give up before they reach their true potential. So just do it guys.

I’m a guy who nervously hit publish on an article on LinkedIn. I was worried about what people would think and what kind of feedback I would get. I went through the exact same thought process and fear when launching a podcast. I now have over two million article views and thousands of podcast listeners. Am I special? Hell no! I have no magic source, just a desire to keep doing what I do and using technology to connect with people and share stories. And if you think about it we’ve not changed that much at all have we? Hundreds of years ago people shared stories around a campfire and our online world is just a virtual campfire isn’t it?

But enough of me, this show would not exist without each and every one of you and I feel like I know all of you. I know you have unlimited music you can pump through your ears and infinite playlists. You have hundreds of movies, TV shows on Netflix or Amazon Prime but you choose to listen to this show. I find that very overwhelming but it’s something I appreciate more than you will ever know and I just wanted to get that across to you.

Another thing I want to share with you is last week I was taken by surprise by discovering I was nominated for an award as an influencer at the 2016 New Media Europe Awards. To be mentioned in the same list as Gary Vaynerchuk and Chris Ducker was overwhelming, to say the least.

I don’t see myself as an influencer in the traditional sense. My motivation is simply to help and educate others about how technology can enable positive change in a world full of negative headlines. I’m armed with nothing but a curious mind about technology and I translate it into a language everyone understands. Speaking to CEO’s of so called unicorn start ups interests me because I want to hear their stories, experiences, and learn from their invaluable advice. Most importantly I want any listener of my podcast or reader of my column on Inc to understand the whole creation process and how they too can turn their idea into reality just like the people they are listening to on the show.

I’ve got to admit I’m more than a little bit nervous of entering the arena with the likes of heavyweights such as Tim Ferris, Gary Vaynerchuk and Chris Ducker. It’s a little overwhelming so if I’m going to give these guys a run for their money I’ll need to ask you guys a very small favor. If you take a look at the description of this podcast episode you will find a tweet. All it does is tell you how to vote for me in the New Media Europe Awards and it would mean the world to me if you could help this aging podcaster/writer out so I don’t make too much of a fool of myself when I hit that arena with those heavyweights.

It would also be great to hear from you guys and put a name to your face. So as always don’t be afraid to reach out to me because we’re in this together aren’t we?

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