35: New App Rooomy Lets You Decorate Your Home in 3D

Apr 11, 2016

I recently came across an app called Rooomy. Having seen a live demo I believe the concept is quite groundbreaking and brings something very different to the table.

Imagine mapping an entire house with just your iPad or iPhone and turning 2D images of a room into a 3D space. Once you have the room completely mapped out you can then decorate these 3D rooms with over 500 pieces of virtual 3D furniture from popular brands and household names we all know and love. Essentially, it’s a virtual furniture catalog that allows you to decorate a room and see how the finished product will look before you even think about buying anything for your home.

Being able to see how furniture would look in your new living room is great for consumers, but it also presents a tremendous opportunity for real estate agents and retailers alike. But what I’m really interested in is what inspires people on their start-up journey, and very often it is just a simple idea and rooomy is no different.

So I invited one of the co-founders on the show to tell us all about rooomy and their start-up journey. Welcome to the show Peter.

here Could you tell my listeners a little bit about yourself and explain exactly what rooomy is and what it does?

I’m Peter Aarts, CEO of the rooomy team. Rooomy is the world’s leading interior decorating and virtual staging platform. We have utilized core technology. We can convert every 2D photo or scan into a 3D model to create a 3D model of your own living room or bedroom, resulting in an ultimate customer experience.


With the use of rooomy users can now view inspirational rooms, beautiful realistic links and endless home furnishings. The app has been out for more than a year and we’ve had great response from both the real estate industry and the home furnishing retail industry.

I think what’s most important is really having momentum in the consumer markets. We just passed 100,000 followers on Instagram. We’re really acting in the intersection between real estate and home furnishing retail. We’re actually emerging the two industries and creating a great consumer experience where one can really see the full potential of their property as well as visualize furniture products in either your own space or in your future home.

source url What kind of feedback have you received from users?

The feedback shows that obviously consumers love it. Looking at our Instagram follower base they have never seen this before. Buying a home and buying furniture is a big decision and a sizeable investment.

Roomy is very helpful. It’s fun creating a beautiful design. Retailers like it because they can increase the communication they are having with their customers. So instead of showing swatches they can show different colors, textures and products in the customer’s rooms and I think I already mentioned real estate. For them it’s a great staging tool.

isotretinoin ordered without a perscription Do you have many retailers signed up at the moment?

Definitely. I can select my home furnishings by brand and that starts with a nice list of retailers we’re already working with, particularly in the U.S market. Everyone from Haverty’s to Ikea to Pottery Barn and Wayfair.

Rooomy is available on ios already with an ipad app. Are there plans to bring it to other platforms or is it strictly ios at the moment?

The app comes with ios only at the moment so it’s available on iphone and ipad. We do provide a web viewer especially for our real estate partners for when they want to show a 3D design on their website without directing their customers to the 3D rooomy app.

How do you see rooomy evolving over the next few years?

What’s important for us is to grow our database. Today we have a database of about 40,000. We’re working together with our retail partners and aggressively growing our database so we’re expecting to have a database of 100,000 by the end of this year.

Are all your users U.S based at the moment?

For now we’re focused on the United States but we will definitely go back to Europe and visit our Dutch friends as well as our friends in Germany and France and create a database for those countries as well.

If any of the listeners would like to reach out to you guys what is the best way for them to contact you?

Go to our website at www.rooomy.com and you will find all contact information.


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