179: Mous – A Shock-Absorbing Case To Make Your iPhone Indestructible

Jan 19, 2017


Do you love slim cases, but hate broken screens? The ultra-slim iPhone Limitless cases offer military-grade protection in real and authentic materials like black marble, bamboo wood or kevlar.

Usually slim cases don’t protect and protective cases are ugly. Limitless is engineered from the ground up to be a super slim case that offers maximum protection. The ultra-efficient, impact-absorbing case uses Airo Shock technology to offer incredible iPhone drop protection.

The cases use Airo Shock, a smart material capable of absorbing tremendous impact without adding any bulk. Our unique patent-pending process involves injecting the material with micro crystals that turn into micro air pockets at high temperatures. The air inside these micro air pockets act as tiny springs, significantly dampening the impact of falls. This in combination with our unique material blend provides cushion to the cases, absorbing impact from a fall, so that your phone remains safe.

We developed the Limitless system to combine style, protection, and functionality. From research, we often found cases that nailed just one element: maybe they look good but break easily, or they’re functional and protective, but look terribly bulky,” says James Griffith, Co-founder of Mous. “We’ve strived to break this mold and deliver a case that achieves all three via the Limitless accessory system. buy accutane online ireland  

James Griffith

After watching the team at Mous dropping a phone from a 45ft Crane and the smartphone surviving to tell the tale I invited the Co-Founder James Griffith onto the show to find out more.

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