370: Mobi – Enterprise Mobility in 2017 and What Comes Next

Nov 01, 2017

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http://oceanadesigns.net/tile/ IT decision makers continuously juggle mobile security, program management strategy, and future technology concerns, but which innovations worry this group the most? How will the digital transformation impact enterprise mobility moving forward?

MOBI, an industry-leading mobility management platform, recently announced results of “Enterprise Mobility in 2017 and What Comes Next,” a study exploring the current and future state of mobility at large multinational companies via a survey of 300 IT decision-makers.

It is no surprise that most respondents see mobile devices and connectivity as essential to their organizations’ success; in fact, more than 80% ranked them as an eight or higher on a scale of one to 10 (where a rating of 10 means they’re 100% essential). But, despite the critical nature of mobility in the enterprise, the growing number of devices creates a complex puzzle for IT managers.

When asked about what the enterprise mobility landscape will look like by 2022: Nearly 25% of companies plan to eliminate desk phones soon. 15% plan to do so in the next 12 months. Interestingly, respondents from technology companies are more likely than non-technology respondents to plan on retaining desk phones.

A significant percentage of IT decision-makers are also struggling with concerns about securing apps and data on mobile devices, with more than 40% agreeing mobile security is “average at best” within their organizations. Mobi also revealed a shocking one-third lack the confidence in their organization’s ability to even identify all mobile devices that contain sensitive business data. On top of that, 25% aren’t confident employees understand how to proceed when a device is lost or stolen. Only 57% are confident their company has actively enrolled security software on every managed mobile device.

Chris Koeneman Tech Blog Writer Podcast

I invited Chris Koeneman from Mobi onto the show to discuss findings in their Enterprise Mobility report and also discuss the importance of managed mobility services and mobile device management.

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Connect with Chris Koeneman on LinkedIn 

Visit the Mobi Website or Download the “Enterprise Mobility in 2017 and What Comes Next” Report.

Hear my podcast with MOBI Co-founder Josh Garrett talks about the incredible start-up story behind the company.

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