514: How Mirriad Is Paving The Way In Next-Generation Advertising

May 02, 2018

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buy roaccutane online I confess that when I’m watching TV or streaming on Netflix I will avoid adverts at all costs. I am also guilty of refusing to watch a TV show until it has been running for 20 minutes so that I can fast-forward the ads. While we congratulate ourselves on being savvy and mock the broken ad ecosystem. We need to remember that that content needs someone to pick up the tab, that’s how everything works right?

Mirriad is a video technology company delivering in-video advertising by naturally blending brand advertising into popular entertainment content. Essentially, their technology naturally blends advertising into the video people love to watch. The vision for this next generation of advertising is built on a few simple ideas.

  • Building brand value for advertisers
  • Uninterrupted experiences for viewers
  • Respect and honor for content creators’ vision
  • Build trust and honesty in all our relationships

Mirriad creates advertising opportunities within existing video content across multiple shows. Advertisers can reach target audiences in a contextually relevant way without interrupting the viewing experience. The new ad format can be used alone or combined with other media and is aligned with existing media trading.

When I also heard that Mirriad is headquartered in London, with offices in the leading advertising markets in the world such as New York, Mumbai, Shanghai and São Paulo, i was clear that this was the beginning of a new way of thinking. I invited Mark Popkiewicz, CEO of MirriAd onto the show to find out more and how he has worked with technologies such as machine learning, cloud, video and analytics and large platform deployment for telecoms and media entertainment (video).

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Mark is focussed on building technology companies into global leaders. His experience includes media, advertising and monetization of video content having held several C-suite positions at companies including the BBC, telecoms with Lucent Technologies, mobile with The Mobile Media Company and data networking with Eicon Technology where he was a member of a four-man team delivering a substantial IPO.

Technologies I have worked with include computer vision, machine learning, cloud, video and analytics and large platform deployment for telecoms and media entertainment (video).

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