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I’m delighted to welcome Petr Kozyakov, CEO and co-founder of Mercuryo, a global payments infrastructure platform, to share his invaluable insights on this transformative journey.

Petr Kozyakov is a visionary leader with a deep understanding of the financial market, and his journey in FinTech began in the late 2000s. Throughout his career, he has held top management positions in payment companies, making him uniquely qualified to discuss the intersection of blockchain and finance.

Our conversation with Petr delves into the potential of crypto payments as a fast and cost-effective solution, particularly for cross-border transactions. While cryptocurrency adoption is still in its early stages, Petr highlights the need for greater integration between crypto and fiat systems to unlock its full potential.

Regulatory changes are also on the horizon, and Petr believes they are ultimately positive for crypto adoption as they legitimize the space and build trust among enterprises and consumers alike. However, he emphasizes the importance of businesses focusing on actual use cases that address genuine pain points rather than adopting crypto for hype.

We explore the diverse use cases of crypto payments, from settling group expenses across borders to facilitating remittances with low fees and high speed. Stablecoins, in particular, are transforming the landscape by providing a store of value in countries with unstable currencies.

Petr envisions a hybrid future of payments, where challenger banks become “crypto-first,” seamlessly integrating crypto and fiat services. This integration will bridge the gap between crypto apps and traditional banking, offering users a holistic financial experience.

Despite the immense potential, Petr acknowledges the challenges of implementing blockchain technology in payments. He advises businesses to take the time to understand the technology thoroughly and recommends starting with specific pain points before wholesale adoption. Strategic partnerships can also ease the transition for companies new to the crypto space.

Join us for an enlightening conversation that explores the evolving regulatory landscape, the role of established card networks like Visa and Mastercard in crypto, and the exciting possibilities that lie ahead as blockchain innovation transforms the future of finance.

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