Over the last few months, I have noticed businesses are moving away from full-time staff or the traditional 9-5 worker and increasingly replacing with contractors so they can obtain resources as and when they are needed.

One of the bigger problems of the digital transformation for mature businesses is their culture and processes are firmly rooted in the analog world.Whereas the digital world demands that businesses are more agile, efficient and most importantly quicker off the mark.

If they carry on with the old way of doing things, guess what? A startup will remove the pain points and disrupt their business. But what is the future of the workforce? And why are businesses relying on and hiring contractors to meet their company’s bottom line? It seems that the path to greater agility and flexibility is something that both new and old businesses are racing down.

Mavenlink is a cloud-based project management firm that recently partnered with researchers at Gigaom, and together they interviewed 480 executives in the IT, marketing, and business/management sectors over a six month period. The result was the 2017 State of Services Economy report which revealed that we are working in a project-based economy, being run by freelancers.

After reading how Mavenlink and Gigaom predict that 40% of American workers will be contractors, service providers, and freelancers by just 2020. I invited Ray Grainger, the CEO of Mavenlink onto the show to find out more. As CEO and Founder of Mavenlink, Grainger is leading our company’s mission to reinvent the way businesses do work.

Ray Grainger Mavenlink

Mavenlink provides technology, expertise, and support that enables organizations to conduct business anywhere, with anyone. Their cloud-based applications combine advanced project management, resource planning, collaboration, and financial management tools that empower businesses to better understand their productivity and take strategic action to improve profitability all in one place.

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