199: Setapp From MacPaw Offers Netflix for Mac Apps In Alternative App Store

Feb 22, 2017

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where to order Lyrica Imagine if you could access software apps on your Mac via an all you can eat Netflix style package. MacPaw, the company behind the famous CleanMyMac hard drive cleaner is now enabling Mac users to do just that with their new alternative app store called SetApp.

order cytotec online overnight shipping Setapp is a flat-fee subscription service for macOS software. It provides the ultimate ‘unstore’ alternative to the Mac App Store—a single monthly subscription of only $9.99, all the apps included, all in one place. With a hand-selected library of high-quality, fully functional software.

The Setapp platform is a wholly owned subsidiary of MacPaw, an award-winning developer of Mac software including CleanMyMac, DevMate and Gemini. The company is based in Kyiv, Ukraine, with offices in Ireland.

“For indie developers, the Setapp subscription model can potentially grant a steady income and give us more time to invest in developing a better product. For Mac users, it makes it possible to taste the true potential of lots of really good apps all for just a few dollars.”

To get your hands on a collection of best Mac apps, in a single folder on your Mac. 35,000 users signed up for Setapp during the two month Beta period, but it’s now available for everyone with a free trial so I wanted to find out more.

I speak with Oleksandr Kosovan, the CEO and founder of MacPaw to find out more about SetApp.

Oleksandr Kosovan

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