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I have written numerous articles and recorded several podcasts around how Startups and Technology are Transforming Healthcare Through Data.

Wearable tech is also making us pro-active rather than reactive with our own health too. But I wanted to get someone on the show to illustrate just how much of a difference wearables can make. How the MedTech industry will evolve for the greater good beyond just counting steps or monitoring your heart rate.

I currently have a bad back as the result of poor posture. Luckily I came across Lumo Lift, the device aims to teach me the error of my ways by helping me sit straighter, stand taller, and look better.

Wear Lumo Lift.
Attach your Lumo Lift onto your shirt with the magnetic clasp.

Set your target posture.
Get into your best posture and set your target posture. If you suffer from back pains, you may find it hard to sit in a particular position for a long time. Whatever you were doing to result in poor posture, I think it may be time for you to switch up your furniture. This could be the reason you are not sitting as comfortably as you should. Office Furniture is a good example of updating something to try and fix bad posture. As there are now chairs and desks that can be adjustable to your requirements and height, this is a step in the right direction for improving posture.

Start posture coaching.
Lumo Lift will gently vibrate when you slouch.

Track it all!
Track posture hours, steps, distance and calories burned.

This path led me to Monisha Perkash, CEO, and Co-Founder of Lumo Bodytech. Lumo Bodytech is a motion science company that combines sensor data and advanced algorithms to optimize human movement for better health, performance, and injury prevention.

Monisha Perkash is an entrepreneur with experience building companies, managing cross-functional teams, and creating strong culture. She enjoys using her business and leadership skills to bring success to innovative companies and to create positive impact in the world.

As CEO and Co-founder at Lumo Bodytech, Monisha champions the vision to unlock the body’s full potential and improve human movement. Lumo is a motion science company that combines sensor data and advanced algorithms to optimize movement for better health, performance, and injury prevention. Their products are built on the Lumo MotionScience Platform which is available to B2B partners to co-brand or build entirely new products.

Lumo solutions measure and analyze fine-grained motions of the human body and provide real-time, personalized, actionable feedback.

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