2018 has seen major corporations fall victim to hacks and the harvesting of customer information. Millions of customers of some of the most trusted names in business: Cathay Pacific, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon, have had everything from their email addresses, phone numbers, and credit card details fall into the hands of nefarious actors.

However, as cybercriminals become more sophisticated — novel solutions are being developed which may prove effective in combating the hacks and online attacks experienced by companies of every ilk and size.

Loki is a privacy network which will allow users to transact and communicate privately and anonymously over the internet. Users will be able to build applications on the Loki platform, including messaging services, online marketplaces, and social media platforms.

These services will incorporate privacy and data security by default, features which are often at risk on traditional online platforms. Loki maintains the belief that privacy is a human right and aims to empower all individuals to control their digital information by creating privacy tools which can be used by anyone.

Loki Tech Blog Writer Podcast

I invited Kee Jeffreys, Co-Founder, and Tech Lead at LOKI onto my daily tech podcast to discuss the following:

  • The potential for technological solutions to prevent sensitive consumer information from being accessed without consent
  • The current failures of centralized databases and the potential benefits of decentralized networks
  • The potential applications of privacy-centric technologies, including financial and banking transactions; the transfer of sensitive data, such as government.

We also talk about the blockchain and crypto scene in Australia.

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  • Jolly Dodger says:

    I really like LOKI because they are not weak on their stance on Privacy. It is either Private or it is not.
    I don’t trust my Government and every public servant or who works in it. I don’t trust a Corporation and all the staff that work there. I don’t know them so why should I trust them with my private details?

    I would like to trade with my friends, family and community. A private trade currency and private communications are powerful tools and can help us rebuild our local communities. I want to see LOKI become available on Local Coin Swap a 100% community owned exchange that allows people to trade person to person simply, safely, and privately. LOKI on Local Coin Swap would be wonderful!

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  • Nicely researched and then served to the audience. Not all bloggers do this. Thanks for delivering the genuine information.

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