158: How LiquiGlide Empties The Ketchup Bottle Everytime

Dec 07, 2016

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http://paperbomb.com/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1523491690.2155919075012207031250 LiquiGlide is revolutionizing the way liquids move. It is the first and only viable technology that allows viscous liquids to slide effortlessly. It’s the first and only technology that allows viscous liquids such as ketchup, mayonnaise, toothpaste, even glue to slide effortlessly with a coating that makes the inside of a bottle stay slippery.

buy accutane online fast delivery LiquiGlide’s technology was developed in the Varanasi Research Group laboratory at MIT. Dave Smith was a PhD student in Professor Kripa Varanasi’s lab, trying to solve the problem of methane hydrate build-ups in oil and gas pipelines by using liquid-impregnated, slippery surfaces. Seeing some success in this area, they began to think of other applications, including consumer goods and packaging applications.

In 2012, Dave created the iconic glass ketchup video, which went viral, triggering thousands of inquiries from Consumer packaged goods companies wanting to use LiquiGlide’s technology. Shortly following, Dave and Kripa founded LiquiGlide Inc., in the fall of 2012.

As LiquiGlide closes in on $16 million in funding to accelerate growth of the coating technology platform. The capital will be used to grow its existing packaging business while also accelerating the commercialization of new coating applications in the industrial and food manufacturing markets.

The $16 million infusion adds to the $7 million LiquiGlide received from Roadmap Capital in March 2015, which allowed the company to secure commercial deals in multiple market verticals, build a state-of-the-art laboratory and office space in Cambridge, and attract top scientists. I invited Dave Smith and Professor Kripa Varanasi onto the show to find out more.

Our technology has always had applications across a variety of industries,” said LiquiGlide Co-Founder and CEO, Dave Smith. “Having developed successful partnerships in packaging, the area of our initial focus, this capital gives us the opportunity to not only continue to grow and support initiatives in packaging, but also accelerate our growth in industrial markets – an area where we see tremendous potential to help companies reduce waste and improve energy efficiency.”

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