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Podcasts are good for business and people. In a previous blog post, I talked about how I’m making it easy for anyone to start their podcast and get their first two months of Libsyn podcast hosting for free. All you need to do is focus on recording great conversations, and I will produce your podcast. 

However, I have recently spoken with many businesses and thought leaders who need help securing podcast appearances on big-name shows. For this service, I have teamed up with Kitcaster, who can help you secure on-demand podcast placements. All for For a flat monthly rate. 

All growing businesses run into the same fundamental marketing problems. Automated bots, fake news, rampant amateurism. The good news? kitcaster™ solves them. Podcasts cut through the gobbledygook and make fundamentally authentic connections. Podcasts make business better. Where are you in your entrepreneur journey? Validation? Launch? Traction? Scale? Wherever you are, podcasts can take you further. 

Kitcaster can book you on top podcasts that speak directly to your ideal audience. These are your people – this is your influence. As far as I am aware, they are the only agency that measures conversions from your appearances. That means that after you record, you’ll know how your podcast appearances are impacting your revenue. 

Kitcaster provides everything you need, including technical help, creative assets, and a dedicated booking agent to schedule your podcast appearances – so you don’t have to.” – Ryan Estes, Founder.

They will build your Media Kit – complete with conversation topics, audio snippets, and a scheduling toolkit that makes getting booked on podcasts easy. You can expect a completely customized concierge service from their staff of communication experts. 

If you would like to start your own podcast and work directly with me to bring your show to life, contact me now. But if you want help getting booked on top podcasts, visit Kitcaster and tell them Neil sent you.



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