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How can technology transform buildings into sustainable and efficient environments for their occupants? I speak with Vijay Sankaran, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Johnson Controls, to delve into the forefront of intelligent building technology. As we emerge from COP28 with a renewed focus on climate action, Vijay brings invaluable insights into how advanced technologies such as AI, IoT, cloud computing, and cybersecurity are shaping the future of intelligent buildings and playing a pivotal role in the fight against climate change.

Johnson Controls stands at the helm of this transformation, spearheading the integration of these technologies through its OpenBlue digital platform. Vijay discusses how this platform leverages cloud and edge computing to enable seamless connectivity and real-time analytics, breaking down barriers between devices and systems for continuous improvement. The conversation navigates through the significance of AI-enabled autonomous intelligent building technology in crafting next-generation sustainable infrastructure, highlighting the transformative potential of digital twins in optimizing building performance and enhancing user experiences.

Vijay shares compelling insights from Johnson Controls’ recently released white paper, “The Smart Building of the Future.” The Paper emphasizes the critical importance of sustainable infrastructure in meeting enterprise performance goals and global climate commitments. With buildings contributing to 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions, the episode sheds light on how adopting these technologies is not just a matter of innovation but a necessary step towards decarbonization and climate action.

The discussion also touches on practical advice for leaders looking to integrate these technologies into their strategies, emphasizing the need to solve business problems first and identify the right technologies to address them. Vijay’s experience across various industries, including his previous roles at TD Ameritrade and Ford Motor Company, provides a rich backdrop to the conversation, offering listeners a comprehensive view of the challenges and opportunities in adopting intelligent building technologies.

As we conclude, we’re prompted to think: In the race towards 2030 climate commitments, how can we ensure that our buildings are innovative and sustainable? Join the conversation and share your thoughts on how technology can transform our built environment for the better.

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