462: The Uber Of Staffing App Aiming to Revolutionize The Hospitality Industry

Feb 11, 2018


http://axomaxs.com/?gallery=nature-photography When arriving at a concert, nightclub or big event, most of us seldom think about the logistics behind the scenes. But this is a huge pain point in the industry. Short-term or temporary staff from dishwashers, servers, bartenders, waitresses that do not arrive as the doors open to restaurants and large venues is a huge problem. The hospitality industry is also notorious for its unpredictable nature, especially with staffing issues such as scheduling according to fluctuations in demand.

Jitjatjo is tackling the problem by empowering business owners to fill staffing voids by matching companies with reputable workers able to arrive on location in as little as one hour. The app uses AI to simplify talent acquisition and streamlining temp role fulfillment.

Booking talent takes just 30 seconds. Simply input the job details and watch your booking request get fulfilled in real-time. Need more staff last minute? No problem. Just click Jitjatjo’s running-man icon and they’ll do the rest. Their system is designed to be fast and effective with clients staffing requirements always a top priority. Talent is also able to use Jitjatjo to look for “gigs.” Just like an Uber driver, the talent can simply turn on their availability to pick up shifts at restaurants, bars, and catering companies and get instantly paid as soon as they clock out.

I invited Tim Chatfield, Co-Founder and CEO at Jitjatjo onto the show to learn more about how Jitjatjo is set to revolutionize the hospitality industry.

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