117: Jeb Banner CEO of Smallbox Shares His Thoughts on Technology, Innovation and Creativity

Sep 28, 2016


Jeb Banner is CEO and co-founder of SmallBox, an Indianapolis-based “culture-powered marketing” company founded in 2006.

Jeb fell backward into business. He spent most of his 20s playing music and avoiding adulthood. Everything began to click when he discovered eBay in 1999. After building a couple successful businesses in the auction space, Jeb let behind the antiques to start SmallBox in 2006. SmallBox has evolved over the years from a web development shop into organizational consultants helping business solve problems while learning new skill sets.

harga voltaren 25mg nedir Jeb’s personal mission is to create meaningful work for great people.


In early 2017 Jeb has taken on a new role as CEO of Boardable, a board management software company he co-founded with several others including fellow SmallBox co-founder Joe Downey. Jeb splits his time between SmallBox and Boardable which are both housed in the same historic building in Broad Ripple Indianapolis.

I invited Jeb onto the show to talk about creativity and innovation along with his thoughts on life, business, technology, and music along with how to unleash the creativity potential in your people.Jeb has also been known to speak in public on various topics such as his TedX Talk “Everything I know about business I learned from being in a band”

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