Jane.ai is an artificial intelligence platform that makes all of your company’s information accessible through chat. Essentially Jane.ai learns the information scattered across cloud-based applications, documents, and websites and makes it accessible to users through existing communication systems such as Slack, SMS, web, or email.

Jane understands conversational English inquiries and provides a response within seconds. If an inquiry is asked that Jane.ai doesn’t yet know, she’ll route it to a CoPilot who works at the company for a response, continuously building a Knowledge Base of all the company’s tribal knowledge.

Whether onboarding or on the road, asking questions or answering them, can it really stop the wasted time in the search for information? I wanted to find out more so invited David Karandish Founder and CEO of Jane.ai onto my daily tech podcast.

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David shares his story and how they are building an artificial intelligence platform to transform the modern workforce. Think of it like a Siri or Alexa for work, but with secure access to all of your apps, documents and your institutional knowledge. David explains “our AI platform is a virtual team member that everyone can chat with to access information.”

Jane uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make all of your organization’s information instantly accessible on a conversational interface. She can access and store data on any cloud-based system, capture the company’s tribal knowledge, mine information out of documents, and make it all accessible in the simplest possible way — on mobile, using natural language, without any software to install or any login to remember.

Learn how employees can have their company questions answered instantly, at any time of day and on any device – making everyone more productive, including the IT department.

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