177: How Jammber Is Bringing Simplified Paperwork, Payments & Credits for the Entertainment Industry

Jan 10, 2017

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Jammber is a platform that manages the entire music production process, keeping track of everyone involved, making sure the workflows, letting collaborators sign off on necessary steps digitally and helping labels and artists file forms correctly in minutes, not months.

Lyrica purchase canada The music industry is siloed, fragmented and chaotic. An average album can cost 450 hours in paperwork alone, and too often not getting paid for a project on time or at all is accepted because “that’s the way it’s always been done.” Jammber wants to relieve that pain. And for the first time, Jammber is capturing data about the creation of a song at the studio level, giving credit where it’s due: to the creative individuals on which the music industry is built.

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Jammber enriches the lives of people in the entertainment industry, all over the world, by giving them tools that empower and enhance the creative process. Ultimately allowing them to do more of what they love, giving them superpowers they tell their friends about.

In tonight’s episode, I chat with Jammber founder Marcus Cobb.

Jammber founder Marcus Cobb.

Marcus Cobb advised, “At Jammber, we believe that managing creative projects should be easy. We are a B2B SaaS company with a focus on music & entertainment. Jammber Bridge, the ultimate workflow tool for creatives, simplifies the paperwork process, allowing for faster payments and accurate credits.”

Jammber replaces legacy paper-driven processes and error-prone spreadsheets with web and mobile technologies designed with creatives in mind. It manages the entire creative production process, notifying collaborators when tasks are completed or due, tracks credits and payments, creates accurate metadata and allows collaborators to sign off digitally on important paperwork in days, not months.

Based in Chicago and Nashville, the company got its start at Nashville’s Project Music, music tech accelerator program, quickly acquiring over $1.2M in investor funding. During Jammber’s idea-phase, they acquired 25 letters-of-intent representing approximately 25% of all music created annually from large and small organizations – record labels and grammy winning producers.

During their building phase they began accepting beta signups, growing at 54% month-over-month in 2016. Now available to the public, Jammber currently have over 800 clients representing 3000 licenses and are actively boarding across 7 countries.

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