45: Invincea CEO Anup Ghosh Talks About Invisible Endpoint Security Agents

May 24, 2016

Recently we’ve done a lot of talking about how technology is enabling businesses, changing our lives and disrupting industries across the world. That’s an incredibly exciting place to be but the flip side that we don’t talk about often enough is security.

I’ve been reading great things about a company that is trying to look at security in a different way. Incredibly forward thinking and constantly evolving along with the threats. I invited Anup Ghosh from a company called Invincea to talk about security and that other side of the coin.

get link Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself, the story about you joining Invincea and your role there?

My name is Anup Ghosh; I’m founder and CEO of Invincea. Invincea is a next generation, end-point security company and basically what we do is we defeat the threats that threaten your networks today. Things I think we’ve all heard about like ransom wear attacks but certainly other types of cyber crime and nation-state level attacks against enterprise networks.

Anup Ghosh

Anup Ghosh

follow url I’ve seen once too often what happens when what obviously appears to me is malware or a phishing attempt in an email attachment. But somehow a member of staff always lets curiosity get the best of them and ends up infecting the entire company network. Is this problem only going to get worse in your opinion?

Spear Phishing is the preferred vector of attacks by cyber criminals by nation-state actors and just about anyone that wants to break into a network. The reason why it’s preferred is because it always works. You will always find a user who just out of curiosity or carelessness or because it’s their job will click on a link or open an attachment that turns out to be malicious.

That’s human behavior and to a large extent human psychology. I don’t think it’s a thing that we can train ourselves out of. That problem will continue to get worse as long as our approach is to train humans to not be human.

buy provigil overnight shipping Have you seen any good examples of companies educating staff on how not to click those links?

I’ve seen some really good corporate campaigns to make employees aware of the risks. While I think that’s good I think the mistake we make as a security industry is that we put the burden of security on users. In fact, users just need to do their job and staff, security, and technology need to do their job which is to protect the networks from the actions users take.

I must confess that one of the reasons I invited you onto the show was after hearing about your sinister sounding yet invisible security platform known as X. Can you tell me a little more about X and what makes it unique from every other product out there?

X represents an evolution of the core technology Invincea was built on. What we realized was number one while security is an absolute necessity security can’t get in the way of business. And when it does users complain and they will turn it off and you basically lose your customer who says look I need business performance. We designed X to be invisible and experienced to the user so that users won’t know it’s there but the security administrator will..

Deep learning and artificial intelligence are massive buzz words at the moment. Can you tell me a little bit about what they’re going to bring to security products and in particular Invincea and the X product?

It’s true we’re hearing about deep learning a lot more now, particularly because Google, Microsoft, Amazon and others are using deep learning for things like voice recognition, face recognition. If you think about it, it’s really easy for a child to tell the difference between a dog and a cat. On the other hand it’s difficult for a machine to tell the difference between a dog and a cat because they are just pixels. So where deep learning comes in is it mimics the brain by training on thousands of pictures of dogs, thousands of pictures of cats so that when it’s presented an animal in the future it can actually tell if it’s a dog or cat. Those are important developments that are now practical and that’s why you’re hearing about it.

What’s next for Invincea?

Most of your listeners are probably listening on a mobile device. I think we live in a world where castle and moat security no longer works. We don’t just work in offices anymore. We have laptops, tables, mobile phones. We don’t just work in the office but on the road, in coffee shops and in planes and security needs to follow you wherever you go. So Invincea’s technology is following that same roadmap so we’re going to announce probably this year support for not only traditional business system platforms but also mobile platforms as well.

What’s the best way of getting in touch with you guys?

You can follow us on Twitter @Invincea and our website is www.invincea.com. There’s a lot of product related information on there. If you want to see third party tests of our deep learning algorithm we have those up there as well.

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