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In the latest Tech Talks Daily podcast episode, we sat down with Darryl Adams, Director of Accessibility at Intel. Darryl provides enlightening insights into how Intel is harnessing technology to bridge the accessibility gap, particularly for individuals with hearing disabilities.

Here are some of the key takeaways from our conversation:

Global Access to Assistive Technology: In a heartwarming partnership with 3DP4ME, Intel is making strides in increasing the availability of assistive tech in developing countries. A pilot project in Jordan is a testament to this initiative’s potential. By employing 3D printing technology, 3DP4ME is equipping children with custom-fitted hearing aids. This ensures a better fit and proves to be a quicker and more cost-effective solution than traditional methods.

Seamless Aid-to-PC Integration: Leveraging the insights from their employees with hearing impairments, Intel’s innovative team is closing the compatibility gap that once restricted the full use of hearing aids with PCs. Thanks to the implementation of Bluetooth LE Audio, users can now directly connect their hearing aids to their computers.

A Tailored Audio Assistance Experience: Recognizing that one size doesn’t fit all, Intel is pioneering personalized audio assistance solutions. For those challenged by specific sound frequencies, Intel’s tools are designed to help them concentrate on their PC tasks without missing out on vital ambient sounds. The All Ears software is a prime example of this, alerting users to significant sounds in their surroundings through on-screen notifications.

As the Director of Accessibility at Intel, Darryl’s mission is to connect his passion for technology innovation with Intel’s disability inclusion efforts to help make computing and access to digital information more accessible for everyone and to make Intel an employer of choice for employees with disabilities.

This conversation sheds light on the power of technology in making the world a more inclusive space for all.

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