152: Are We Ready For Smart Luggage? iFly Luggage Have The Answers

Nov 22, 2016


The arrival of smart luggage that can be tracked, weighs itself and much more is starting to become a reality. It wasn’t until I began looking for a new case that I suddenly became bombarded with too many options.

where to purchase tetracycline On my general geeky tech gadget searches for a new case for my holidays, I came across iFLY Luggage. Although they are not tech as such, they are seeking to change the travel industry by focusing on what really matters: affordable, high-quality, insured luggage.

Anyone who has arrived at a travel destination only to realize that your shoes were flattened, scuffed or had impressions in them from other items in your bag will welcome small features like shoe pockets in many of their luggage designs. These pockets are specially designated areas used to place running shoes, dress shoes, beach sandals and the like so they do not get crushed throughout the duration of your flight.

prednisone for purchase Deluxe Fully Lined Second Compartment

Our carry-on, medium checked and full-size hard side bags have another really great standout feature — a fully lined second compartment underneath the top inner section of your bag. Most bags have a small horizontal pocket where you can keep smaller items like jewelry, medication or keys. iFLY has integrated this second compartment for even more space for your items.

I invited David Rapps, the Director of Corporate Development at iFly luggage to discuss how technology is changing how we travel. I wanted to find out if there is disruption on the horizon for this industry and how far are we away from smart luggage options appearing.

David and I talk about hew travel tech and old problems such as whether to choose a hard shell or soft shell case? or how not pack a case correctly. This was my moment to find answers to all my luggage problems both old and new.

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