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Today, I am joined by Monish Darda, the CTO and Co-founder of Icertis, in a riveting discussion about the intersection of technology and sustainability. As businesses grapple with the complexities of environmental responsibility, Monish brings his rich experience in using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to the forefront, discussing how these technologies are revolutionizing supply chain management and contract intelligence.

The conversation begins with an exploration of how AI is being used to quantify and mitigate the environmental impact of supply chain partners. This topic is particularly relevant in light of the recent EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directives and the UK’s Sustainable Disclosure Requirements, reshaping the landscape of corporate responsibility. Monish offers insights into how AI  ensures compliance with these new regulations and helps companies navigate this changing terrain.

We discuss the transformative role of machine learning in analyzing millions of contracts. This technology ensures that businesses and their suppliers uphold their environmental commitments. Monish shares how Icertis leads this charge, helping companies align with sustainability requirements and manage contractual obligations.

A critical part of their discussion centers on the role of AI in combating greenwashing and promoting genuine sustainability practices. They explore the evolving role of AI in environmental sustainability and the importance of regulation in this domain, highlighting how AI can address complex sustainability challenges.

The conversation also touches on the practical applications and challenges in this field. Monish shares insights from his work at Icertis , discussing the hurdles organizations face in reducing their climate footprint and how technology can offer solutions. He emphasizes the importance of viewing regulatory changes not as obstacles but as opportunities for innovation and improvement.

Adding a personal touch to the discussion, Monish shares his experiences transforming businesses through technology. He recounts a humorous anecdote from a sales presentation with a German car company, providing a glimpse into the lighter side of the tech world.

This episode is a deep dive into how AI and ML are not just shaping the future of business but also steering it toward greater environmental responsibility. Our conversation is a blend of technical insights, regulatory perspectives, and real-world experiences, making it a must-listen for anyone keen on understanding the role of technology in fostering sustainable business practices.

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