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I sat down with Simon Taylor, founder and CEO of HYCU Inc., to discuss the rapidly escalating challenge of SaaS data protection. As SaaS applications become increasingly integral to IT infrastructure, their vulnerabilities are more exposed than ever. Simon Taylor, with his book “Averting the SaaS Data Apocalypse,” offers a timely and critical insight into this growing issue.

The episode begins with Simon Taylor introducing HYCU, the world’s fastest-growing SaaS data backup and security business. He lays the groundwork by highlighting the vulnerability of SaaS data, noting that 52% of ransomware attacks occur through these applications. Despite the widespread use of SaaS apps across departments like finance, marketing, and HR, a staggering majority lack enterprise-grade data protection.

We explore the myths and misconceptions surrounding SaaS data protection. They discuss the prevalent belief that SaaS data is automatically protected, a dangerous assumption given that most vendors only protect infrastructure, not customer data. This leads to a vast gap in security, with less than 10 major SaaS apps protected by legacy vendors.

The conversation shifts to HYCU’s innovative approach to this challenge. Their platform allows for quick integration building to protect a wide array of SaaS apps, a significant advancement compared to the limited options available from other vendors. Simon shares insights from his book, including in-depth HYCU customer case studies from organizations like Bain Capital and the Boston Red Sox. These examples shed light on how companies navigate the complexities of multi-cloud experiences and cybersecurity challenges.

We also explore the legal and compliance aspects of SaaS data protection, anticipating that it will soon become a significant legal issue. They discuss the potential for CEOs to be held liable for unprotected SaaS data and the necessity for organizations to audit their SaaS apps and develop robust recovery plans.

Listeners will leave this episode with a deeper understanding of the challenges and solutions in SaaS data protection, equipped with the knowledge to navigate the evolving landscape of SaaS security effectively.

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