70: Huddle CEO Morten Brøgger Talks About the Importance of Collaboration

Jul 14, 2016

Huddle is an enterprise content collaboration company that’s helping organizations across the globe transform the way they work. From internal collaboration across teams, to external client engagements, Huddle manages files, tasks, and team communication in one place. The idea behind this is that you spend less time organizing documents, managing feedback and searching through email, and more time delivering exceptional results. What captured my attention is they are going after 4 key essential components in business which is collaboration, security, file sharing and project management. I invited Morten from Huddle onto the show tonight.

enter site Can you tell me a little about yourself and your role at Huddle?

I’m the Chief Executive of Huddle. I joined the company back in January 2015 so I just had my 18 month anniversary. Before that I was also in a software company that was a global company as well. Huddle is a secure collaboration that allows people work smarter and more efficiently then I think most of the other tools around collaboration.


Morten Brøgger

buy Lyrica from india Can you explain to listeners what services Huddle offers?

Collaboration is a very wide definition. A lot of people use collaboration as a headline.Where we focus is on what we call secure content collaboration and that’s really about how you create and do documents.

buy discounted orlistat online Security is another hot topic and your website states that no other solution delivers the security of Huddle while also providing a user experience that employees and clients love. Can you expand a little on that and what makes you guys stand out from all the other solutions?

First of all you have to understand, security has always been around what we’ve done. We were one of the first ones who got a lot of certifications to work with government in the U.K and in the U.S. We work with audit firms and financial firms, areas where security is super important.

What we work within Huddle, when we say collaboration, we work with what we call a workspace. Workspace, can be a project or something where we’re going in. I like to compare workspace with a secure container. There is no way for you to get into that secure container without me inviting you. You can’t see and don’t know about a workspace unless you are invited.

From the outside looking in it seems like Huddle firmly believes the success of personal services and organization hinges on two factors: expertise and efficiency. Can you explain the thought process and the reasons behind this?

Let me choose to do that from the concept of professional services first. We recently did some research into that industry and found out that 7 out of 10 of those in professional services reported they were losing clients. So clearly when it’s a professional services firm collaboration is key.

generic viagra sale online How are you finding that collaboration technology is being used to support client servicing for example?

It shows transparency and that drives client confidence. Client confidence is essential here. In professional services they are selling their knowledge. It’s like going to the doctor. If you don’t trust your doctor you are going to go to someone else. So the whole confidence is essential in that one. That’s driven through a clear, transparent, collaborative communication.

Do you think there have been a few broken promises around enterprise mobility that have burned a few users over the years?

Yes, quite a few. I was working for Swiss Telecom when we had UMTS phones and everything was mobile and I had one of the first versions and I tried to use my email on it. That wasn’t easy. But things improve over time, now we have smartphones and apps doing a lot of business. If you look globally the number of internet transactions that are moving away from the desktops and mobile devices is impressive. That proves the world is moving in that direction.

What do you think the future is for professional services?

I think professional services as an industry is growing and growing. That’s just where our society is. There is a limit to how many physical goods we can consume but I think we are just starting to understand the number of services we can consume. So clearly the competition will increase. When I talk to some of the large professional services firms with hundreds of thousands of employees they are starting to recognize they are losing business to smaller agile firms who are closer to the customer and have a human face or team face. Clearly, they need to be able to set themselves apart and prove their value in a much better place.

What is the best way for people to find out more information about Huddle?

Its definitely not the phone book right? I would recommend going to www.huddle.com We are also on Twitter


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