637: How To Create A Podcast and Other Questions From Listeners

Sep 14, 2018

When searching for mentorship or inspiration I have often encountered a number of expensive courses that not only emptied my wallet but also resulted in being one big time stealer. You need time to complete the course but at the end of it, you are left with a long list of actions that require more…you guessed it, time.

Time is the most precious commodity there is and it’s not renewable like cash. You can always earn more cash, but cannot get back time. The problem with many courses is that they often do leave you with anything of value or real action at the end. Maybe Gary Vaynerchuk was right when he said it’s time to stop saying I’m passionate about something, or talk about what you are going to do next week, next month or in the new year.

Once again I have decided to take another class of listeners and help them launch their own podcast and begin 2019 with 8 episodes by executing rather than talking about doing something. If you have convinced yourself you don’t have the technical skills, time to learn or find the never-ending list of options a little intimidating and overwhelming, why not let your daily podcast host do the heavy lifting for you?

After successfully helping listeners launch their own show last year, I am once again offering my services. Here is my pledge, I will work with you to ensure that you begin 2019 with 8 episodes. So you can build your brand, not somebody else’s.

Instead of starting 2019 saying the dreaded words new year and new me before reverting back to your old habits. Why not explore putting your personal brand or business with SEO across iTunes, Spotify, and other platforms without the hassle.

Whether you are a business or an individual, if you would like to enroll in my virtual class to launch your own podcast with 8 episodes and a podcast launch strategy or find out more information, I invite you to enroll in my virtual class to launch your own podcast with 8 episodes and a podcast launch strategy.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

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If you want to gather around a virtual campfire and have a chat or ask me a question, you can message me, leave a virtual voicemail or even buy your friendly podcast host a coffee.

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