129: Lease A Car From Your Phone With The Honcker App In Just Three Swipes

Oct 17, 2016

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go to site Apps such as Uber have not only disrupted entire industries but have raised our expectations. If we can now hail a cab within a few swipes of our smartphone why can’t everything else be that easy? Step forward a Honcker, the world’s first app that lets users lease a car right from their phone in 3 swipes.

“First, download the app and register. You only do this once, so make sure your info is correct 🙂 no sneaky stuff. Incredibly, on some basic info, we show you cars with final monthly lease prices. No fine print, no estimates, no changes! Miraculously we don’t need your Social Security number, credit card information, or any of your sensitive financial data.”

cost of buspar At Honcker, they have a simple ethos. “We imagined the car leasing and buying experience to be as easy as buying a ticket online or shopping with one click checkout” I invited Founder & CEO of Honcker, Nathan Hect onto the show to find out it’s merging the old way and new way of doing things to create a modern solution that is increasing sales.

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