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In this episode of the Tech Talks Daily Podcast, I welcome Dr. Allen Yang, the Co-Founder of Hitch Interactive on the show, to discuss the innovative intersection of AI, blockchain, and culinary arts through the lens of the new NFT project, Yami Hamo. Hitch Interactive, known for combining advanced technology with education, has ventured into uncharted territory with Yami Hamo, representing a unique fusion of gourmet dishes and NFT technology.

Dr. Yang, with his extensive background as a serial entrepreneur and an 18-year tenure as a UC Berkeley faculty member, delves into the creation of Hitch Interactive in 2019. His journey in AR and VR technologies since 2015 has culminated in this groundbreaking project. Yami Hamo, Hitch Interactive’s first NFT collection, showcases 1000 gourmet dishes, each depicted in an NFT with intricate artwork and embedded data designed to educate about culinary culture. This NFT collection is not just a visual feast but also serves as a tool to train a private AI assistant in the nuances of global cuisines.

The discussion explores the broader implications of the Yami Hamo project for the future of NFTs and Web3. Dr. Yang highlights the need for NFTs to have more tangible, real-world utility and describes how Hitch Mint, their new platform, will empower creators to craft their own decentralized miniverses powered by AI. These miniverses, self-contained within each NFT, represent a significant leap in how NFTs can be utilized beyond just digital art, extending into education and interactive experiences.

Dr. Yang discusses how the Yami Hamo project challenges the conventional perceptions of NFTs, integrating them into everyday life in meaningful and educational ways. This episode is a must-listen for those intrigued by the evolving world of NFTs, AI, blockchain, and their application in unconventional domains like the culinary arts.

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