Global Community Celebrates a 30 Hour International Podcast Day

Sep 29, 2015

go to site With one billion subscribers across 250,000 unique podcasts and 8 million episodes, it’s fair to say that the podcasting enjoyed a very happy 10th birthday this year. We can also expect to see this audio entertainment medium trending on Twitter as the next 30 hours will be known as International Podcasting Day. This growing global community is keen to emphasise the ‘International’ element of the celebration to ensure that every creator or listener from all corners of the world is included. While traditional media concentrates on how divided the world is, its somewhat inspirational to see how new media is uniting people with conversations.

buy neurontin 100mg We will start in Australia and New Zealand with shows because that’s where the day begins and end the day in Hawaii some 30 hours later – Founder Steve Lee

This modern audio entertainment medium has emerged from the wilderness years looking stronger than ever as sophisticated audiences in this digital age increasingly embrace this simple concept where everyone has a voice. There are countless websites that often confused rather than educate new users. However, anyone with a microphone and a voice can broadcast their own radio show of sorts across the world and build their own niche communities in the process.


People are also increasingly looking for ways to be more productive with their time and their is a growing realisation that mundane time stealers such as the commute into the office, exercising in the gym or even household chores can be used to unleash continual self-improvement, learning a new skill, increasing your knowledge or even help solve a murder case from 1999 back in Baltimore County.

Ironically the technology that empowers people all over the world to enjoy a modern way of working is also allowing a whole new generation to enjoy a renaissance of storytelling that was loved by our grandparents.

There is a modern misconception that you can only find podcasts on iTunes, but the truth is they are available on all devices. There is another potential game changer on the horizon after Spotify announced that it will be bringing podcasts to its 70 million users later this year.

Meanwhile, even our cars are starting to arrive with podcasts from the Stitcher platform ready to go, and even the Apple Watch has its sights on this medium too.

There is also a growing distrust of old media in the air, where people no longer believe everything they read in a newspaper or a TV news channel that is aligned to a political viewpoint. Podcasting locks into people’s desire of finding an authentic voice and provides an exciting platform for both the creator and the listener in equal measure.

Each and every one of us can now be an author or broadcaster and are likely to find our own audience in what feels like a digital transitional phase. Podcasting enables mass collaboration for like-minded individuals to both learn and contribute regardless of location or device of choice in the ubiquitous online community.

Whatever your industry or interests, you can learn from experts in their field while performing mundane tasks or use the platform to make your own voice heard with just a microphone and an internet connection.

The most beautiful aspect of the platform is the power of undiluted content and genuine conversations connecting from all over the world. Technology often gets a bad reputation, but this simple concept is breaking down communication barriers and is a fantastic example of technology bringing us all together.

The only question you need to ask is why you have left it 10 years to get intimate with Podcasts? Maybe this is your time to embrace new media.

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