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Do you have a long list of ideas and articles to write but a lack of time? As a ghostwriter, I help businesses and leaders with thought leadership content. Watch the video below to learn more about how we can work together to ensure that you get the content you need.

Everything from the speeches read by world leaders and politicians to the jokes that we laugh at in our favorite comedy shows is written by somebody else. Upon closer inspection, many of the best-selling non-fiction books by celebrities are ghostwritten too. Why should thought leadership content and business blogs be any different?

Who are these writers that earn their living from the shadows rather than in the limelight? and how can they help your business or CEO share your insights without losing your authentic voice?

In 2015 I won a LinkedIn Top Voice award as the #2 tech writer on the whole of LinkedIn. But the following year, I helped a client win the #1 Top Voice Award in their industry on LinkedIn too. The irony that my client won an award and I won nothing in 2016 was not lost on me in this bittersweet moment of celebration. I was now officially a blog ghostwriter for businesses and leaders.

As a ghostwriter, I have helped an NFL star, CEOs, and companies from all over the world boost their online reputation by bringing their ideas to life in engaging articles and blog posts. I have signed more non-disclosure agreements than I care to remember. The only downside of this is they prevent me from ever sharing the secret to my client’s successes.

Tech Ghostwriter Thought Leadership

The reality for any business and its CEO is that they have more important things than spending hours producing written content. As a result, their strong perspectives, valuable insights, and industry expertise are seldom transformed into a regular stream of content. 

Many of my clients have no shortage of ideas for content. In fact, they have a long list of ideas for blog posts or thought leadership articles. The only thing holding them back is a lack of time in their busy schedules to write them all. By delegating your content to an expert ghostwriter, you can focus on more important matters like getting back to running your business.

CEOs are also increasingly turning to ghostwriters to boost their online profile and secure more lucrative speaking work. An increasing realization that time is the only non-renewable resource means that a content brief should be as easy as an audio message in WhatsApp and let the writer bring their voice and ideas to life in a written article.

However, showcasing your knowledge, establishing authority, and solving your client’s problems is just the beginning. If you are serious about amplifying your voice and reaching a new audience, you should also be repurposing your content in new ways across multiple channels. Content will not only enable you to be a part of conversations online but lead them too. 

Information in your blog posts, podcasts, and videos can also be repurposed via social media visuals, infographics, SlideShare presentations, newsletters, and ebooks. These are just a few ways that you can be both seen and heard within your industry as a thought leader and expert.

Thought leadership should not be just about you and your business. It’s sharing your insights around industry news, trends, and addressing the problems that your customers are searching for solutions to in Google. If you don’t, your competitors will obtain influence in your industry instead of you.

A 30-minute conversation with a ghostwriter could result in a series of thoughtful blog posts without losing your authentic voice. My clients all share the same traits of wanting to showcase their expertise, deliver value, and communicate with their audience without appearing to self-promote. 

In most cases, they are swamped with content ideas but don’t have the luxury of time to craft their stories and share their insights online. Does this sound like a familiar problem? If you need help breathing life back into your business blogs, tech thought leadership or launching your own podcast, you can contact me to start a conversation.

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    Hey, great article! It made me realize how important it is hidden. As I understand it, “repurposing your content” is the same as distributing the content? Therefore, I completely agree that it is extremely important to strengthen the influence.

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