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GetApp is an online resource for businesses exploring software products. Its comparison shopping platform and free interactive tools help buyers compare software products side-by-side and navigate the world of software purchasing. GetApp features software research, insights, trends, and validated user reviews, giving buyers the tools they need to make informed decisions for their organization.

GetApp is also a Gartner company. But it was their State of Analytics in HR report that caught my eye. GetApp recommends that employers can set their teams up for success in 2020 by auditing HR processes and then using analytics to improve these processes and reviewing embedded analytics features to see what tools are already at the team’s disposal.

Employers can also use data analytics to improve staff retention. For example, some employers may find that there is a correlation between longer commute times and the likelihood to quit. To prevent staff from leaving, employers can have proactive conversations with employees and offer more flexible working options.

Using analytics to spot these trends could be very beneficial for companies, as employee turnover can cost a 100-person business up to $2.6 million per year. Lauren Maffeo, an associate principal analyst at GetApp,, joins me on the Tech Talks Daily Podcast to talk about all this and much more.

Lauren covers the impact of emerging tech like AI and blockchain on small and midsize business owners. She has also been cited by sources such as Information Management, TechTarget, CIO Online, DevOps Digest, The Atlantic, Entrepreneur, and Inc.com.

Lauren Maffeo

In 2017, Lauren was named to The Drum’s 50 Under 30 list of women worth watching in digital. That same year, she helped organize Women Startup Challenge Europe, which was the continent’s largest venture capital competition for women-led startups.

Lauren has served as a mentor for Girls in Technology’s Maryland chapter, and DCA Live included her in its 2018 list of “The NEW Power Women of Tech”. Lauren was also shortlisted for the Future Stars of Tech Award in AI and Machine Learning by Information Age in 2019.

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