406: Genies – Your Digital Clone That Reacts to the News in Real-Time

Dec 09, 2017

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go here A next-gen Bitmoji competitor just came out of stealth and is valued at $100M from top investors. Genies allow you to create a digital clone of yourself that reacts to the news in real-time throughout the day and be shared with friends. It’s like Apple’s new Animojis, but more expressive (and without an iPhone X). The company closed a strategic $3M funding round led by notable investors, which include Shawn Mendes & Russell Westbrook to create a platform that will disrupt how news is consumed and shared

The creators see this not only as a form of self-expression but also as a source for news. For example, a Genie could react to news that Elon Musk’s SpaceX landed its Falcon 9 rocket with an avatar shooting into space. These smart emojis change expressions, moods, outfits, accessories and scenes based on current events, trends and cultural holidays.

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Powered by the startup’s in-house animation AI platform, a user’s Genie reacts to pieces of news by changing its expression, outfit, environment and props. The app is preloaded with hundreds of thousands of body, facial and style combinations for users to create mini clones of themselves that interact with their friends’ Genies. Genies will update and react around 10-15 times per day and can be shared via iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Instagram direct message, Snapchat and SMS. Users also have the option to add friends into their “scene.”

We’re fundamentally changing the way people consume and share news by creating a disruptive new medium of infotainment. – Akash Nigam, CEO at Genies.

My spidey senses tell me that Avatars are about to take off in a major way with advancements in AR and facial recognition technology. Last month’s Animoji karaoke sensation is probably a small preview of what’s to come. I invited Akash Nigam onto the show to find out more about the launch and how long until we can expect our timelines to be flooded with digital clones.

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