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Gary Vaynerchuk - Tech Blog Writer Podcast

I used to leave my home at 7 am every morning and head to the office for my corporate IT role and not return home until 6:30 pm. Sound familiar? But I tried to make the most of my commute time and found myself reading, watching, and listening to content created by Gary Vaynerchuk. I was also inspired by DRocks story too and how he got his job working for Gary Vee. But rather than passively listening, I wanted to take their advice and run with it.

Fast forward five years, and my journey came full circle as I got a chance to thank the guys that inspired me to follow my dream at the recent Magento Imagine event in Las Vegas. We tackle a wide range of topics such as digital-first giants and the rise of consolidation which is putting an end to the need for intermediaries. We also talk about how people care about privacy in theory, but then don’t live it. For the most part, people always go with convenience and the product.

If you are not recognizing that technology is going to put you out of business, then you are very naive. – Gary Vee

As this is a tech podcast, Gary shares his thoughts and excitement around emerging technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and blockchain. We discuss how 5G has the potential to disrupt every industry.

Gary Vee, DRock - Tech Blog Writer Podcast

Outside of technology, I also ask Gary what advice he would offer younger people listening who are passionate and hungry for success. But they want it right now How can they learn to overcome that impatience and focus on the actual long game?

The number of people that take diet pills, and sign up for a quick fix and health benefits, grossly outweigh the people that eat right and exercise right every day. And that’s what happens in business. Everybody thinks there’s a course a shortcut, you know, I’m going to make all my money in Bitcoin and be out and be a billionaire next year.

A shortcut mentality is inherently in people, I believe it’s because they worry too much about other people’s judgment. Patience is unbelievably not on the pedestal that it should be. – Gary Vee

This interview is not about hero worship or online follower counts, it was a perfect example of how technology can bring people together. A couple of guys from the opposite sides of the Atlantic met and shared their stories. But, I want you to share yours too. My door is open to each and every one of you wherever in the world you are listening or reading this message. Together we can share your story with the world and inspire others at the beginning of their journey too.

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