181: How Technology, Software and Data Analytics Played a Big Part In President Trump’s Election Success

Jan 24, 2017


http://cuisinebeaujoly.com/beton/ Is a combination of technology, data analytics, and the digital transformation responsible for changing the political landscape? The United States has a new president in the form of Donald Trump. Over the years I have learned to avoid talking about either religion or politics in a large forum as it always ends badly.

order isotretinoin online overnight shipping But while many are still dealing with this turning point in American politics and his unorthodox run to office, what captured my attention from the outside looking in was how he leveraged technology along with political campaign software to fundraise efficiently, recruit volunteers, and inspire his userbase.

While Hillary Clinton’s lead in the August polls, Trump chose to start spending serious money on data analytics and a bigger digital campaign. His campaign also utilized tools not usually thought of to be software used by campaigns, from creating and hosting their website, to marketing to the right personas, and managing online content.

I don’t want to talk about state sponsored cyber attacks, stories around vote rigging, fake news or political opinions on either side of the fence. But I wanted to understand how both technology and software impacted the US election recently and how this will also affect the electoral process all over the world in this digital age.

Political campaign software is used to manage campaigns, donations, and events for elections and fundraisers. Software in this category streamlines campaign processes, allowing candidates and organizations to manage their resources effectively. It is used by politicians, political action committees (PACs), and nonprofit advocacy groups.

These new tools empower organizers to track constituents, manage fundraising efforts, connect with volunteers, and control online outreach. Software solutions in this category include comprehensive political campaign software suites as well as specialized standalone products.

Michael Fauscette from G2 Crowd

Michael Fauscette from G2 Crowd talks about how technology is reshaping politics onto the show who is the chief research officer at peer-to-peer business review platform G2 Crowd. We discuss how a combination of technology, software and data analytics played a big role in DonaldTrump’s election success.

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