IDG is the world’s largest technology media company. They help their global audience make the smartest technology purchasing decisions. Like many of you reading this, I grew up with Windows For Dummies Books, SQL for dummies and any tech subject was covered by those books that were all made by IDG.

Essentially many of these IDG books transformed how the global community grew to understand the enormous potential of computers and started to think about how they would change the world. Founder Pat McGovern was a pioneer in the information technology industry, in his own way, he was equally as vital as Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. But he never sought the spotlight and many of this contributions have been overlooked.

Pat McGovern, was the man who turned IDG into a $3 billion technology media and venture capital empire and eternal optimist that put people and making a difference first and kept himself in the shadows. Glenn Rifkin worked with Pat McGovern and has written a book called Future Forward where he shares McGovern’s legacy so provides leadership lessons so that others can learn from this inspiring man.

Future Forward - Tech Blog Writer Podcast

On today’s daily tech podcast, you will learn how one innovative leader transformed an entire industry into a global media empire and learn more about the visionary founder and chairman of IDG. A warm and genuinely inspiring story of how tech and media have evolved since 1964. As a host, I loved learning about how one innovative leader saw an industry need and built a leading global business on the foundation of quality.

A great example of what can be achieved with passion, innovation, and a “let’s try it” attitude. I genuinely hope that Pat McGovern’s legacy will live on in every person that listens to this episode.

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