A quick look around any office at lunchtime will see a few people trying their best to be healthy by tucking into a small meal in a cardboard box. Meal Kit services seem to be everywhere at the moment and cater for any diet or taste. An increasing number of people are finding busy workloads and managing after school activities are taking its toll. Getting healthy does not need to be a chore when FreshRealm will deliver healthy quick weeknight dinners to your front door.

FreshRealm is a marketplace of fresh prepped meal kits designed by your favorite Tastemakers (food magazines, bloggers, and more). It’s not just about the food, but the packaging, transportation, cloud-based software, apps and connecting with their customers and their ethical outlook.

“We don’t need to rebuild the food industry to make it better, we just need to connect it more efficiently,” said Michael Lippold, CEO of FreshRealm. “After several years of development, we have uncovered the most effective way to do this, connecting the food-making and shipping industries – directly reaching homes, offices, and stores. Our focus is creating the safest, easiest and most fresh food delivery system for national businesses by connecting the people who pack, deliver, market and consume fresh food with advanced technology and innovation.

I invited FreshRealm Founder and CEO Michael Lippold onto the show to find out more.

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