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As we enter a new decade, it’s a perfect opportunity to look back and reflect on how websites and font designs have evolved since the days of the read-only web. Initially, a website only contained static information that although it might have been useful, it didn’t provide a reason for visitors to ever return to the site again.

We have come a long way since then, and webmasters are now faced with capturing the attention of visitors on a much more visual web in under 15 seconds. Aesthetically pleasing sites that can instantly deliver effective communication and a more efficient web browsing experience will thrive and survive in a digital age.

The bad news is that humans now have an attention span that is shorter than a goldfish at just eight seconds. Digital natives also take only 5 seconds to form an opinion about your website, and if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds, they will disappear and will not return. 

Design now plays a crucial role in the performance of your website. From the moment someone types a question into a search engine, they are immediately attracted to the textual content. Google mastered the art of this to win the search engine wars by making it easier to gain clarity and concise information in an online world of white noise.

Typography also plays a crucial role in bringing your social media posts to life. Although successful social media campaigns are all different, they do all share the same traits that, when combined, deliver results. The winning formula typically consists of an image, message, fonts, and the combination of fonts used. Sure there will also always be elements of good old fashioned luck and timing.

The main reason that people visit your website or open and share a social media post is to read the text. The fonts you choose have the massive responsibility of helping your audience find relevant information or determine if they will continue to read your content. No Pressure!

With all this in mind, what trends do designers need to follow around font design in 2020? And where can they browse for fonts that will help your brand thrive in a new decade without breaking the bank?

Thankfully there are a variety of free fonts on offer over at Font Bundles that also have commercial licenses included. Locating the killer combination of free fonts that include a commercial license can be challenging, so these are certainly worth checking out, especially considering they can cost up to $500 on other sites.

Design Bundles offer the ability to browse over 150,000 marketplace products. But as someone that has a keen eye for a bargain, it’s the heavily discounted curated design bundles with up to 96% off the RRP that usually attract my attention. Many people I speak with are put off by monitoring design trends because they convince themselves that its a luxury they cannot afford. But with an option to get fonts free, there is no longer an excuse feel left behind.

When it comes to font design trends, nostalgia has always remained a common theme. It can be incredibly romantic to look back at the pre-internet era through rose-tinted glasses when consuming movies and TV shows set in simpler times.


However, I think that in 2020, we will see a fusion of old and new styles together. Rather than going full-on retro, I think we designers will begin experimenting with taking the designs from the past and remixing them with a digital twist to create something entirely new that offers the best of the past the present.

I am also noticing that less is more when it comes to graphic design. Minimalist design continues to dominate the digital landscape, and I cannot help but think that brave designers will take this a step further by experimenting and stripping back on colorful designs in favor of an artier monochromatic and minimalist approach.

Despite my love of the refreshing minimalist designs emerging, it will not work for every brand. For every design team that leads with less is more approach to design, there will be another that believes designers should go big or home.

For these reasons alone, I believe that the typography-based trend of larger-than-life font sizes on the web will also continue to dominate 2020. Big and bold brands such as Baina and Hallo Basis are oozing confidence with huge fonts that take up over half of the viewport on their home page. But could this design quickly become dated and be too in your face for some users?

However, in the age of the visual web, I do think that the vibrant color combinations used to promote music, fashion, and social media posts will also dominate the internet well into 2020. The eye-catching color schemes will progress from the Instagrammable moments on social media and into webs design too.

Once again, it doesn’t have to busy or in your face. Sometimes the more subtle use of trendy colors will make a design and font style stand out from the crowd. But, I also think we need to think beyond typography and fonts when thinking about the design trends on the horizon.

We are also beginning to see an eclectic fusion of styles that will transform how we view text. Imagine also inserting animations and illustrations into the mix to change how we all interact and engage with design.

The next time you find yourself endlessly scrolling down your newsfeeds on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, make a note of what catches your eye. You might be surprised how an eye-catching font was responsible for you clicking on a sponsored social media post or paying attention to an advert.

Font Bundles

When you fully understand what attracts you to content, you can begin to create your own style and promote it to your audience in a similar way. Every aspect of popular culture and the success of the content we consume every day is ruled but typography and font design. But maybe it would help if we all thought bigger than the new typography trends in 2020.

We all want to create content that will not only resonate with our audiences but also remember it too. If you get it right, typography will help your followers recognize your company’s brand instantly on any device. It’s time we all started taking the power of fonts more seriously and not be afraid to mix in other elements to and create something genuinely unique.

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