This week Stephen Hawking revealed that artificial intelligence could be humanity’s greatest disaster, but thankfully Flynn Coleman offered balance when she advised AI can be a positive step for humanity.

Flynn Coleman is a international human rights attorney, an educator, an author, a mindfulness, innovation, and creativity teacher, a Huffington Post writer, a TEDx speaker, a social entrepreneur and innovator, a former competitive athlete, a founder and the CEO and founder of Malena, a company that supports economic development and human rights with innovative solutions, such as a proprietary crowd-funding platform and accessible global marketplace.

Tonight’s guest also speaks about her inspirational startup, Malena that enables users to shop for gorgeous, ethical goods that tell a story & empower people worldwide.

“We all want the same things – health, something to believe in, prosperity, to belong, and a better future for ourselves and for our children. AND EVERYONE HAS A STORY TO TELL. The most effective way to solve the root causes of poverty and inequality, and to support everyone’s right to dignity and agency, is to provide opportunity. This is how Malena began. We are a global community that shares these stories, connecting you with people around the world through the goods they create, the stories of how they came to create them, and ideas about how our partners’ work gives them a chance for a brighter future.”

With a passion for how technology can be a force for the greater good, I invited Flynn onto the show to hear her refreshing outlook.

Guest Info
Twitter: @flynncoleman

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