402: The Canadian Tech Startup Setting A New Standard For Voice Recognition

Dec 04, 2017


http://truecom.com/component/content/37-producten/home/48-contact/component/user/draadloos/oplossingen/oplossingen/wlan/draadloos/home/48-contact/over-ons As we increasingly turn to virtual assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Siri, Microsoft Cortana, and Google, it is already becoming easier to search for information using our voice. Mainstream users are already getting comfortable with speaking to their devices rather than tapping away on a physical or virtual keyboard.

However, we don’t all live on the West Coast of the US and this technology often struggles to understand different accents. Fluent.ai is a Canadian company offering OEMs and user interface designers a speech interface solution for their products and services. Fluent’s patented approach sidesteps the need to convert speech to text and instead learns to understand the meaning of audible speech – in any language or accent.

The world’s first acoustic voice interface for intelligent devices and user interfaces is proving the advantages of its platform against leading speech-recognition systems with consumer-electronics OEMs and telecom service providers around the world. Fluent.ai’s artificial intelligence product, the Fluent AI Engine, is an enterprise-grade voice interface that uses a sophisticated neural network and machine-learning technologies.

Fluent.ai demonstrates how customer-service operations can quickly roll out AVR support for additional languages at a fraction of the cost, and in a fraction of the time, compared with conventional voice-assist platforms, for a much shorter time to market. Fluent.AI, CEO, Niraj Bhargava

Fluent AI learns a language on the fly like children do – by learning to associate a specific sequence of sounds with an intended command or action. This makes Fluent AI the first entirely acoustic voice interface – eliminating the costly, complex and often inaccurate step of converting speech to text typical of AI voice assistants and speech-recognition systems.

I invited Fluent.AI, CEO, Niraj Bhargava onto the podcast to find out more about how Fluent.ai uses personalized intent recognition that learns from context, behavior, and speech in any language.

Bhargava is a values-driven, collaborative and accomplished Business Leader with a track record of over 25 years of execution success and a global, socially responsible mindset.

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