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From the number of steps we take to the hours we sleep, it’s clear we are obsessed with tracking our bodies’ data. So why not track sperm? The average sperm count in men has fallen significantly and continuously over the last several decades due to biological, environmental, and lifestyle shifts.

Now, men will be able to take control of their health with a new, FDA-cleared, at-home device called the Trak Male Fertility Testing System. The test allows men to measure and track their sperm counts as “low,” “moderate,” or “optimal” based on World Health Organization guidelines. The award-winning system allows men to measure and improve reproductive health addressing the growing problem of male fertility, which accounts for 30-50% of all infertility cases…all from the comfort of their recliner. This obviously won’t work if you have had a vasectomy, however, if you still want children you can now easily get a vasectomy reversal at somewhere like Advanced Urology. If you are having this done then it might be a even better idea to get a fitbit to track your sperm once the procedure has been done.

The Trak Male Fertility Testing System is created by Sandstone Diagnostics and uses centrifugal force to isolate and quantify sperm cells using specially designed disposable cartridges.

Greg Sommer

Greg Sommer is a PhD-level engineer, entrepreneur, and executive in consumer healthcare and clinical diagnostics. In 2012, Dr. Sommer co-founded Sandstone Diagnostics, a Bay Area diagnostic and digital health company developing sophisticated connected wellness products that allow consumers to measure, monitor, and improve key health markers at home. Sandstone’s Trak® Male Fertility Testing System allows men to measure, track, and improve sperm count at home to boost a couple’s chances of conception.

Dr. Sommer was recognized as a 2015 Bay Area “40 Under 40” by Diablo Magazine and has won numerous entrepreneurial competitions including the 2016 Molecular Med Tri-Con Swimming with the Sharks Competition, the 2015 UPS X-Port Challenge, and the 2013 Sierra Nevada Innovation Challenge. Sandstone was also named a 2014 “Most Innovative Life Science Company” by the San Francisco Business Times.

I chat to Sandstone Diagnostics Founder & CEO, Greg Sommer, PhD about the Trak Male Fertility Testing System and the label of Fitbit for Sperm.

Trak Male Fertility Testing System

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