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After nearly one thousand podcast interviews, I have built many relationships with top brands and have a long list of useful resources that I wanted to share with my audience.  Featured partners are businesses that I trust and have worked with over the years.

If you choose to make a purchase or use a discount code, I will earn a small commission that will go towards the running costs of producing my daily tech podcast and this website. If there is anything you would like to see more of or need my help with anything, please contact me.

Xbox One Deals

Microsoft Xbox One Deals Unlocked In E3 Sale – Prices and Deals

Microsoft has launched "Deals Unlocked" which is a series of Xbox One Deals available from…
Coinbase Earn XLM

Coinbase – How to Earn Crypto While You Learn Crypto

As we all continue to navigate through uncharted digital waters, making sense of headlines around…
Libsyn Discount Code - Tech Blog Writer Podcast - Libsyn Promo Code

Libsyn Promo Code – How to Get This Month and Next Month For Free

I help my clients structure and launch their own podcast with my Podcasting Made Simple…
Tech Blog Writer Podcast

What is the Brave Browser? And Will it Bring Crypto into the Mainstream?

There are a few occasions where you cannot help but observe what your colleagues or…

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